Adding career paths

Hi, I just joined Triplebyte and passed the Generalist quiz. However I also have skills in Machine Learning and Data Pipelines, but can’t see any obvious way to add those career paths to my profile and take their related quiz. It would be helpful to add that functionality or, if it already exists, make it more prominent in the profile section. Thanks

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Hi Piero, Welcome to the community!
We are actively working on enabling you to take multiple quizzes and showcase your skills across several areas. Stay tuned!

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Thank you SOOOOO much for this! Looking forward to it!

In addition to that, I think one thing that would be awesome is a quiz to tell you what you should take. I took the generalist quiz but I may have been better suited for another one.
Ideally it would be something that could be taken on a regular basis (monthly) and tells you what you would need to improve on to be good at the other tracks and you could track your progress over time.

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cc: @tressia, @Rachel_Wolford – great ideas above!

@Caroline_Chiari I love the idea of a baseline assessment + set of curated assessments to help engineers upskill! This is something we’ll definitely think about as we enable engineers to take multiple assessments on Triplebyte. :triplebyte: