Advice for how to prepare for the data science interview?

Hi. I’m an entry level data scientist who has been working for roughly half a year at a startup. I’d like to move to a new company, and I thought that Triplebyte could enable me to get started on doing that. I’d like to know what material people recommend studying to prepare for the Data Science Triplebyte path. I already took the quiz, and it seems I’m eligible for the interview.

I understand that the interview will test the subjects, “Machine-Learning Knowledge”, “Back-End Web Understanding”, “Programmatic Problem-Solving”, and “ML Architecture & Deployment.” I feel like I have a good idea for how to prepare for the Machine-Learning Knowledge portion of the interview: I’m just going to review the course notes from my machine learning course that I took at university. And I also have a good sense for how to review for Programmatic Problem-Solving. I’m not so sure how to review the other areas.

Would anyone recommend (ideally) a few comprehensive free courses, textbooks, online tutorials, lecture notes or lectures to study Back-End Web Understanding and ML Architecture & Deployment. Unfortunately, I’m just not quite sure what to expect for both of these areas during the interview.


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Hi Matthew! Great question, and I bet some folks with have helpful resources to share. Especially for Back-End Web, you can check out our blog post, Triplebyte’s Way Too Long Technical Interview Prep Guide – we list a lot of our favorite resources there. Hope that helps, and best of luck!