Companies that are actively hiring during COVID-19

Hello all!

I wanted to share a couple of new job-search tools on Triplebyte to help engineers who have been impacted by the current economic situation.

First, given several companies have slowed down their hiring process, we wanted to help jobseekers focus their search on companies that are actively hiring right now. For this, a new “Actively Hiring” search filter on our Jobs Directory allows engineers to find companies that are hiring most actively right now. You can favorite these companies, which highlights their profile to recruiters.


Second, we created an optional tag “Impacted by COVID” that engineers can apply to their profiles Engineers can apply the (optional), and we use our existing data to apply the “Company Layoffs” tag to engineers’ profiles whose most recent employer has been noted as going through layoffs. Companies can also use these tags as filters in hiring searches… Recruiters can use this tag as a filter to identify folks who may be eagerly looking for a new role.