Devops vs Backend

  1. I noticed this platform only has a DevOps option. Is there a reason for that?

2)For an early stage startup which is more essential, DevOps or Backend?

  1. Would you expand on “only has DevOps option”? I read this as you’d like Triplebyte to have a Backend track.
  2. Below is a good article that that touches on the multiple roles an engineer will play at a startup . Here’s what Stephan said, “At a startup, engineers write more code. They will require you to push it out faster, and chances are you will work on the front-end, back-end, middleware, and database. They might even do some DevOps work.”
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  1. Not necessarily, I’m just curious on why devops is an option but not backend. There can be many reasons such as, maybe there is a bigger demand for devops as compared to backend. Another reason could be that maybe devops means the same thing as backend on this platform(TripleByte). I just find it interesting that its excluded on this platform and I am sure there is a good reason. Again, just curious.
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Great read by the way, I really like how the article talks about a new department in Big Tech being the middle ground. Thats something i never thought of.

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to defer to @Rachel_Wolford who runs the assessments team.