No, you don't need to be a quantum physicist to work in quantum computing

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All you software engineers out there, I’d love to hear what futuristics industries you’ve thought about pursuing – whether it’s quantum computing or not. Better yet, perhaps you’ve broken into an exciting, emerging field and want to share your experience?

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Industrial Microcontrollers, its a slowly growing sector that has massive potential and serious interesting/physical challenges in areas that technology is generally lagging.


Earth ecology and terraforming (?) other planets. Ecology is a supercomplicated sphere. This two areas do need extra powerful computing facilities. So… Greetings to all Science Fiction fans! Our dreams become closer and closer :wink:

I too believe in dreams and the impact they have on current and future generations. I have to also agree with your statement on the need for ecological and terraforming resources that we will need to explore. A Science Fiction fans dream for sure. Thank you Kate