From high school programming classes to startup-hopping

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That is quite motivational. This shows that one can do whatever he intends to do. I am that the lack of a computer science degree pushed him further towards his goal.

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Not sure it’s a great idea to do this extreme kind of job-hopping. The hiring managers, upon looking at the CV, will be concerned – sure, this person is talented and has broad experience; but if we hire them, wouldn’t they quit after a few months for a $5K bump in salary?
On the other hand, this way you can accumulate a VC-like portfolio of startup stock options :slight_smile: But still, you’d usually need to wait until the 1-year cliff.

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Yeah, I think most industries see a bunch of short stints on a resume and think “flight risk.” But hopping around is more common in Silicon Valley, and I can see the “gaining experience” angle being especially compelling for engineers doing this early in their careers.