Got 80th-100th Percentile on the Entry-Level Generalist... Still didn't get Externship


I had high hopes to get a TripleByte Externship. I had an 80th-100th percentile score on the Entry-Level Generalist, a 60th-80th Percentile score for the Standard Generalist, and a 40th-60th Percentile for the Automated Interview.

Alas, despite my hopes, I got an email saying I was unable to be matched. Triplebyte didn’t say why this was, and it’s a major disappointment for me. :frowning: I guess, what should I do now? How many companies would be willing to hire for just the summer now?


Thanks for posting, Gabriel!

Sorry we weren’t able to get you matched this cycle. Our matchmaking process is holistic, and looks at various factors – everything from scores to resumes and beyond. We had a very large applicant pool, and we’re working to grow our company list so that we can help match more students in the future.

If you’d like to make your profile visible in our Triplebyte network – either right now for full-time roles, or for the upcoming Fall campus recruiting season – you can take care of that in your candidate dashboard.

Thanks again for posting, and we wish you lots of luck in your search! Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions.


Thanks for taking care of the community, Laura, and congratulations on your first post. I scored within the 4th quintile for your interview and met similar results, so to Gabriel, don’t be distraught. You’re young. I did, though, commit the mistakes of submitting my high-school calibre resumé for review and uploading a childhood photo of myself as my profile pic. I hope that I at least matched with some companies in respect to their senses of humour.