How effective is this platform for job seekers? Hoping to start an open discussion

Hello! Triplebyte claims to be leveling the playing field with regards to tech job-seeking, and they have a really interesting methodology in place for taking this challenge head-on that places their tests (their article on just how in depth they go on these tests is actually interesting and well worth the read) over anything else when judging the quality of a potential candidate.

In light of this, I have a few questions that could translate into simple recommendations that would be helpful for job seekers, and therefore incentivize more engineers to seriously consider this platform in their job search.

  • How many people from each bracket get jobs using this platform? (Aka, how many people who score between the 70th and 90th percentile on the Generalist quiz land a job)

  • How many people are applying for each job ad? (This would be a useful metric for job seekers; it is incentivizing to see only 10 applicants vs seeing over 1000 for a single job; we just don’t know).

  • Is this platform useful if you don’t pass the Fastrak interview? Are there stats to support the answer?

I would love to hear from other candidates and their experiences, as well as hear from Triplebyte employees who may be lurking :nerd_face:

Thanks for all the great questions, Caleb!

I don’t have details on percentile<>offer rates handy, but I can say that companies tend to look at individual scores just as much (or perhaps even more) than overall percentile. That’s because the scores are good indicators of where a given candidate would align with role requirements.
We only recently released applications, so the numbers on that aren’t available yet–but we’re actively working on growing and improving this piece of the product.
We definitely have candidates who find success on the platform without being on FastTrack. You can check out for more details.

Hope this helps! Always feel free to email if you have any specific questions about your profile, etc. Best of luck with your search!