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Summary: This article explains how to build and modify a simple fire model, and explores two popular methods to simulate fire spread—cellular automaton and wave propagation models.

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There is a good book for starters. This book will give a good & in-depth(much better) knowledge of working of systems along with how to work with waves, graphs, make your own 3D scenes etc.

“Killer Gaming in Java” - Java 3D, by Andrew Davison, O’Reilly

College students & Professionals will have good grasp over basics of threading, timer, etc. by just reading 1st 3-4 chapters.
(I practiced few chapters in my college days, that’s why writing suggestion here.)

Link ::[Killer Gaming In Java ]


Very interesting…thanks for sharing! I did find it amusing that the entire first chapter is basically devoted to defending the use of Java for game programming…

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Hmm. Never paid attention to that(as far as memory goes).
These type of things are mostly issues of author and/or publication_marketing_strategies or of technology community etc…

But yes, science & tech part in book was good learning for me. Core Basics & brain storming knowledge is what I found!

If something seems appropriate to use – java, c++, unity etc. developer should use as per comfortability level without getting into useless debate… is what my head thinks.

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