How I Figured Out Algorithms — Against All Odds - Triplebyte Blog

Joseph Pacheco is a software engineer who has conducted over 1,400 technical interviews for everything from back-end to mobile to low-level systems and beyond. He’s seen every quirk, hiccup, and one-of-a-kind strength you can think of and wants to share what he’s learned to help engineers grow.

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Excellent article, I hope it encourages people to try and learn new things!

I would also recommend Brilliant to anyone trying to learn algorithms. They provide fun, interactive, and very informative material.

Finally, the article mentions “YouTube videos” but the link leads to a set notation lesson on The content is relevant and looks good, just the description is inaccurate.

Thank you!


Thanks for the extra material suggestion, @Tom_Goren! And appreciate you flagging the link mix-up. Error by the editor (me), and fixed now!