How should I get started with my first job?


In January 2020, I took and passed the Triplebyte quiz with 60th-80th percentile as a Generalist. However, I was in college, so I waited until May 2020 to take the 2-hour (now-automated) interview, which I failed with only 40th-60th percentile. Not bad though, considering I am only 18 years old and just finished my second year of college, and have not taken any Academic CS classes.

However, the reason I get worried: I don’t have any Academic CS training. I don’t know what O(n^2) notation is. The only language I really know well is PHP/Laravel. I have been maintaining a production PHP app I wrote (and rewrote) from 4 years ago in PHP and maintaining the Linux server with it, but I just don’t know enough languages or Linux deep enough to fill a Software Engineering role. I’m more broad than deep, which is why I took the Generalist.

I’m not quite sure how to move forward. I’m certainly not deep in knowledge enough to win a CS-degree-requiring job, but if I could, I would greatly prefer to get a job and experience over sitting in a classroom for another 2-3 years. Any thoughts?

Hi @Gabriel_Sieben,

That’s a great result for only being mid-way through a CS degree! I think you’d be a strong contender for our summer Externship program that we just launched on Wednesday. TL;DR: Since almost all CS internship programs were cancelled this summer due to the economic downturn, we launched this program to match current students (and recent grads) with mentors at tech companies for summer projects.

I think it’d be a good option for you because if you’re matched, it could be a great way to either get in the door at that particular company, or will add valuable hands-on experience to your resume for when you start applying elsewhere. Companies are generally more willing to hire entry-level devs without a degree if they have some real-world experience.

The details of the program can be found here:

Since you’ve already taken some of our assessments (and thus won’t be going through the entry-level quiz track flow), if you apply and have any issues or don’t hear back from us to confirm your application, just email and they’ll help you out.

Best wishes on a productive summer and successful job hunt :slight_smile:



Thank you! I’m proud of it. I opened up the Externship link, but it wanted me to take the Entry-Level Generalist anyway. Because my old scores don’t go away, I figured, why not? The only reason I took the Generalist at my age the first time was because Entry-Level Generalist didn’t exist yet, otherwise I would have taken that.

So, I took the Entry-Level Generalist, and I nearly burst out laughing when I saw…

I mean, it wasn’t exactly unexpected. I got 60-80th percentile on regular generalist. It just looks hilarious though. :slight_smile:

So anyway, I immediately got my form to file for an Externship. We’ll see, but I might do it. :wink:

I’m not surprised you ended up with that result either :slight_smile: You can always apply to the Externship program and see which company you’re matched with and make a decision after that. Have a good rest of your weekend!