How to craft your elevator pitch as a job seeking engineer

Before I even graduated college, I had already broken into three tech companies – HP Labs, Google X, and Nvidia. Something I learned to help me land those internships was how important it is for engineers, especially those without a resume that can speak for itself, to be able to communicate their skills clearly and confidently.

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What does your engineer elevator pitch look like? Share your thoughts!

In myself opinion and not as an engineer with the education or degree to back this opinion, I think engineering is to develop, design, and perform. Performance will help to understand just how products work, how they work together, or not. It takes ones self to have a mass time frame of no interruptions and a quite environment and more to design something not yet thought of. Since most ideas flourish from others ideas already so enchancemrnts of them can act as some form of engineering. So it just matters in each individual as to how they view engineering.

Until now, I didn’t know this is a thing. I’m going to need to craft one out .