I have no idea what I'm worth

I have 10+ years of experience being anything from an engineer to CTO of a 15ppl startup. I’m in SF and I do not have any feeling for what the comp market is. I saw better programmers working for 100K, I saw worse programmers working for 350K. What is going on and how do I figure out where do I fit?

Granted, engineering is not my only value. I can get anything from the ground to production and assemble and manage a team around it. However, when I go into these work-for-hire funnels, all they are good for is either an engineer or an engineering manager like positions. Where does technical entrepreneurial talent fit inside larger companies and how much is it worth?


Jeez this is a toughie. Levels has a lot of good data on eng salaries. I think you could extrapolate from the levels at various cos where your value would be given your yoe and roles.

Additionally, we have some data too :slight_smile: https://triplebyte.com/software-engineer-salary/ I’ve also found that https://h1bdata.info/ useful. Would love to hear what others think…


I’d love to hear the same. I’m not in the same position, but I primarily manage logistics and operations at a wholesale distributor. In other words, process.

Most processes can be improved by strategically placed software. I refactor processes and write supporting code.

I don’t know if this skill set is sought after anywhere else.

I’m also curious about this!

I think anything that can be quantified into dollars and cents is valuable. So in your case it could be N hours was saved by this change which is equivalent to $ based on my salary, etc. Would love to hear others thoughts who are not in revenue generating roles.

Very relatable. Sometimes I feel very very confident and sometimes like I’ve just started coding.

Is it the imposter syndrome?

I’ve talked to a few people at publicly traded companies and here are my takeaways:

  • You are worth as much as your most “expensive” skillset. In my case, it’s simple software engineering.
  • Supplementary or entrepreneurial skills do not add value in a big structured organization.

So, for SWE, just look up your level on levels.fyi and go with that. Unless you have a way of getting a director-level position.