IBM job ad calls for 12 years of experience with Kubernetes – which is six years old

These "years of experience" fails in job ads are pretty special. The Register wrote about one by IBM:

IBM’s Global Technology Services has posted a job ad calling for candidates with a “minimum 12+ years’ experience in Kubernetes administration and management”. Which is a little odd because the first GitHub commit for the project was made on June 7, 2014. And the feature freeze for version 1.0 was announced on May 22, 2015.

And this one tweeted by the creator of FastAPI is too good:

I saw a job post the other day. 👔

It required 4+ years of experience in FastAPI. 🤦

I couldn't apply as I only have 1.5+ years of experience since I created that thing. 😅

Maybe it's time to re-evaluate that "years of experience = skill level". ♻

— Sebastián Ramírez (@tiangolo) July 11, 2020

Would you apply to an otherwise good job ad with mistakes like these in them?

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@daniel.bean I saw this on LinkedIn earlier this week :roll_eyes: Regarding applying, I think I would if the opportunity excited me enough. I do wonder who wrote this job descriptions - if it’s the hiring manager I think I’d pass. If it’s a recruiter, I’d be willing to cut them some slack. What would you do?

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I think you’re right. If the person who I’m supposed to eventually work for wrote it, I’d be worried. If it’s some outsourced job ad, I’m less concerned.