Is there a timeline on interviews opening up?


It feels like it has been a while since interview slots were closed. I understand that there is a surge but would really appreciate if there is communication on any estimate of how long we should expect interview slots to be closed for. I think that I haven’t received a text about potentially open slots in over a month now.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

Hi @Dennis_Subachev,

I pinged Support for you - please feel free to contact them directly in the future if other things come up ( Please give them around 24 hrs to change your status in our system and get your dashboard updated. When you see the new status card at the top of your dashboard, you will be able to take the automated interview whenever you’re ready. My suggestion is to plan when you want to take it, set aside 2 uninterrupted hours, and prepare the same as you would for an in-person technical interview. Have a good week!


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Really appreciate the quick reply!!!

I have a few questions (I’m guessing others might have the same questions, hence why asking in the forum):

  1. Is there no interview guide available for the automated interview like there was for the person-to-person interview?
  2. It doesn’t specify what language the coding sections will be in, is it the same as the person-to-person interviews in which I can pick my own language?

Did you get any type of response to your query?

Yeah it’s basically a more complex version of the quiz. So if you did the in person interview it’s not really like that. You can pick your language from a dropdown for the coding section.

Are they still doing the remote interviews?

Not as far as I am aware. I think they’re swamped with interviews at the moment. Hence the automated interview.