Jr. Developer / DevOps / CloudOps / Analyst

I have been a hobbyist for a while and have worked on a few enterprise applications, but I’m looking to move on. Anything from development to DevOps / CloudOps / Analyst works. CSS / UI is my weak point, but the rest just need some backing up and proving.

I hold the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification, and I’m currently teaching myself Azure and Power BI for administration, DevOps, and analytics and look to get certified soon.

VueJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, React Native, Java, Python

SQL Server, MySQL, MongoDB

AWS, Azure, Terraform, Jenkins, Gitlab (CI/CD)

Have people found the AWS certifications beneficial? By that I mean do recruiters actively look for these when you’re applying to a DevOps position.

Of course experience is king, but typically you’re going to have a much higher rate of success by having certifications. Two people with the same experience and everything else the same, but no certifications vs having certs, the person with certifications is going to have the advantage.

AWS has the bigger share of customers, but Azure is generally far more popular for AD backed companies / traditional corporations.