Jr/Mid-Level Full-Stack Seeking Mentor

Seeking a mentor:

  • Location (city, state, country, or remote): Louisville, KY - Remote preferred
  • Current Job Title/Level: Lead Front-End Developer
  • Years of Experience / Education / Background: 6 years professionally but around 9 years combined. I have an associates degree in CS and was in the military prior to being a developer.
  • What you want to learn more about in general: Everything really. I’m interested in all aspects of programming. I feel like I’m stalling in my career however and am unsure of how and where to improve exactly.
  • Current project you’re working on: I am currently working in Unity with a private repo. However my github profile is https://github.com/ocularrhythm . Part of why I’m looking for a mentor is helping me figure out what projects I can do outside of work to move towards my goals.
  • How often you would like to meet: I’m very flexible. Probably 2x per month for 1 hour would be great to start.