New Grad Seeking a Mentor

Seeking a mentor:

  • Location (city, state, country, or remote): Chandigarh, CHD, IN; remote ok
  • Current Job Title/Level: currently searching for first engineering job
  • Years of Experience / Education / Background: 6 months of engineering experience in C++.
  • What you want to learn more about in general: How to structure my career in these uncertain times. I’m a bit weak in networking so want to learn how do you build professional networks and connect with like minded people.
  • Current project you’re working on: A React Native app . It’s not public on github yet as I’m part of a team.
  • How often you would like to meet: I’m very flexible. Probably 2x per month for 1 hour would be great to start.

I’ve some few career related questions that I wanted to ask and discuss some general things.

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