Online Coding test

For the 2 coding questions, could you give us more details on what you’re looking for? I managed to solve both coding questions, in a short period of time, and they passed all of the tests before I submitted. In the results page, my score was 3/5 for coding, and coding productivity was rated fair. But, the solutions were efficient, and passed all the tests.


Hey Chris, thanks for reaching out with this question. When it comes to coding productivity, your score takes into account both the efficacy of your code (which sounds like it was quite good,) and the speed at which you complete the problem. Completing your solution just under the time limit isn’t bad, but to really excel you’d want to finish the problem well in advance of the time limit.

I can’t be sure exactly how this looked for you (and I wouldn’t want to just post it in the open forum here,) but if you email me at, I’ll be able to track down your profile and give you some more specific feedback.

I did complete it in about half the time allowed though, that’s why I’m thoroughly confused, and it was efficient, and it passed all the tests, so , wondering what’s happening with it?