OpenAI releasing a general purpose API!

Blown away by this demo ( by OpenAI. They are releasing a generalized API to complete natural language tasks - it looks like it can understand a task in english, figure out steps needed to complete the task, and execute!

Can’t wait to try it out! What are some interesting applications that you would use this for?

This example showed the AI actually not making a reverse order sort correctly, which the narrator acknowledges but lets stand in the spreadsheet! Also, asking an AI to do that when a single button click would have sufficed is the classic “everything looks like a nail” solution.
On top of this, people relying on the authority of an AI, without the AI backing up its choices with its sources or its line of reasoning if it’s synthesizing data, means more distancing from the responsibility of the actions taken in response to the AI’s suggestions. This is not a new phenomenon. I used to say in the 80s, the thing about a computer report is that it doesn’t have a signature.

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