Practical exam feedback

Please add a practice question to the quiz. I didn’t realize you were allowed to choose the language on the coding exercises until after most of the time on the first one had expired, and I didn’t have time to recover.

Just a simple “Create a function that returns the max of two values” would let me get a chance to play with the interface, figure out how the tests work, and the quirks of the editor. Also, it would have helped a lot if I was forced to pick a language, rather than thinking each question had to be answered in its own language.

After the interview, I saw some people on the forum talking about a practice interview. If it does exist, how about linking to it on the “Are you sure you wish to start?” page? I completed my profile, and did the first placement test, and there was immediately a big banner inviting me to take the interview. Since it was the most prominent thing, I assumed that was the next step.