Questions on Preparing for the TripleByte Automated Interview

Hi, I’m about to take the Automated Fast Track Interview from TripleByte and I am trying to prepare for the interview. Here are my questions

  • What languages can I use for the coding section? Is it possible to use Scala or OCaml? Will there be a platform that will run my code to make sure it is correct? For each language, which libraries will be available?

  • As I am aware, the automated interview will test me on the following areas:

  1. Programming
  2. Short-answer discussion
  3. Working with an existing codebase
  4. System design
    The format of the test will be represented as a multiple choice, fill in the blank, free response and coding. How will “Working with an existing codebase” and “System Design” be represented on the test? For “Working with an existing codebase”, what languages can I code in? For the “Programming” and “Working with an exisiting codebase” section, will I be expected to work with async/networking library? Will I work on an online web IDE and can run my code to ensure that it is correct? Would it be possible to code the problem on my local machine?

Answering this in case other people get here, and want to know the answer.

  1. Fill in the blank:
    You’re given a program with a missing line, and asked to pick one of four answers for how to fix it

  2. Freeform:
    *) You pick a language from a list. I don’t remember what was in the list. This is my experience with C#
    *) They gave you a skeleton. A simple class, with an empty function that takes 1 or 2 strings, and asks you to do “stuff”.
    *) It will compile for you
    *) You are given testcases, with inputs and outputs. You can give it test cases. When you press run, it will run all of the test-cases, and it will tell you, for each test case, whether it passes or fails.
    *) The compiler has some warnings enabled.
    *) On failure, it tells you if it’s a compile error, exception, or result didn’t match. It tells you what the error is, and the returned value, (if it ran to completion)

hey, was python an option?