Recent bootcamp grad seeking mentor

Hello there! I recently (March 2020) finished App Academy’s in-person fullstack course. I’m now currently working part-time for Covid Watch, the first organization to release an app using the Google/Apple Covid-19 Bluetooth exposure notification protocol.

I’m seeking full-time employment as a software engineer. More about me on my personal website and Github.

*Seeking a mentor:

  • Location (city, state, country, and whether you are open to remote mentorship): SF Bay Area, open to remote!
  • Current Job Title/Level: currently seeking first full-time engineering job
    Years of Experience / Education / Background: <1 year
  • What you want to learn more about in general: system design generally, Docker and containerization, various other things I plan on studying in coming weeks/months: Typescript, GraphQL, React hooks.
  • Current project you’re working on: Covid Watch - I would include here but I’m limited to two links by Triplebyte. covidwatch dot org.
  • How often you would like to meet: maybe once every two weeks? I don’t have strong feelings about this.


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