Seeking Mentor For Jr. Developer

Hello, My name is Matthew and I have recently finished up my studies at a bootcamp. I have just started my job search and would appreciate some mentorship with navigating the industry, shaping my side projects, and setting myself up for new opportunities.

  • Current Job Title/Level:
    Teaching assistant for coding bootcamp seeking first job in industry

  • What you want to learn more about in general:
    Full Stack development - industry standards - security - accessibility - tech stack

  • Current project you’re working on:
    Currently creating a SaaS app for breaking down front-end data structures and algorithms.

  • How often you would like to meet:
    Two times per month

@matthew_bedard one of our FastTrack members would love to chat with you. Are you okay if I connect the two of you via email?

Yes, that would be awesome Jason. Thank you

Just sent an intro!