Seeking mentor to help me understand CS fundamentals

Location (city, state, country, and whether you are open to remote mentorship):

  • Current Job Title/Level:
    Software development Engineer 3
  • Years of Experience / Education / Background:
    9 yrs
  • What you want to learn more about in general:
    I am from Electronics background and now a this stage in my career, want good grip on CS fundamentals , DS & Algo to crack higher tech roles
  • Current project you’re working on:
  • How often you would like to meet:
    2 -3 times a month

Hello Reshma,

I would be happy to help you with DS & Algo fundamentals. please reach out to me on .

Thank you .

Awaiting for mentor ! Kindly help

Well, I didn’t finish my major in CS (though did graduate in a related area), but I think I might be able to help you. Just don’t feel quite comfortable sharing my email. Tell me if you’re interested, then we figure it out

Hello. Did you find any mentor? I can not be your mentor but can be a peer. I also have a question for you. “help me understand CS fundamentals”. Is it for FANG company?

Hi Syed ,
Yes it is for FANG companies

Which one? If you are interested about peer let me know.