Software Engineer in Search of a Mentor

Seeking a mentor:

  • Location (city, state, country, or remote): Brooklyn, NY, USA; remote ok

  • Current Job Title/Level: Volunteer Software Engineer seeking first full time job

  • Years of Experience / Education / Background: <1 year of engineering experience. I was previously freelanced in film and television for several years before completing App Academy, a 4-month full stack web development bootcamp.

  • What you want to learn more about in general: Full Stack development using different stacks (I currently know React Redux with Ruby on Rails) but I gravitate more towards front end development. My interests also include mobile development (I’ve been slowly learning React Native over the past month).

  • Current project you’re working on: Currently volunteering as an engineer for a non-profit called CoronaCare USA, which is a platform for those affected by the pandemic to request donations for groceries and supplies.

  • How often you would like to meet: Twice or three times a month.

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Hi Sean, did you find a mentor? Let me know if you’re interested to connect.

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Hey Sean I would also be interested in being a mentor if you are still looking.


Hi Sean from another Sean! Your background seems super interesting. Let me know if you’re down to talk. I constantly try to explore new stacks, so hopefully my experience is relevant. Let me know if you’d like to talk.