Taking multiple quizzes?

I just signed up for TripleByte taking the entry-level generalist quiz because I’m a full-stack dev, but I’d also like to take a front-end specific quiz since that’s an area of particular interest/experience/skill for me. Is there any way to take a second quiz or am I locked in to the generalist path? I’ve tried searching help section, but nothing seemed to answer this question.

Hi Jeffrey, Thanks for asking this question. We typically recommend that you pick the track that you have the most experience in since we only allow one track at a time. This is because once you pass the interview your job matches will be based on the track you are on.

I personally would stick with the generalist track you can always add to your profile other skills you have and the amount of years you have done it. With that being said, if you truly feel like changing tracks down the road you can always email us at candidate@triplebyte.com and I would be happy to help.

Hey Jeffrey, Welcome to Triplebyte!
We’re working on enabling taking multiple quizzes - some details to be figured out so it will take us some time though. Stay tuned!