Triplebyte Community Support

Hi Triplebyte community,

I remember signing up a couple weeks ago and then doing a quick quiz on my phone and now I qualify for the Triplebyte Fast track fully online process.

I am assume that this is the normal process. So I wanted to ask what peoples experience has been with the tech part. I DONT want answers to questions.

But with the world of CS being so incredibly large, Am I going to just get generic Algorithms and DS questions that no one ever uses. Or real world applications that can be solved in 2 h, but still kind of unrealistic. Honestly, I want to know: Am I going to be solving problems, implementing a tech spec, or answering academic CS terminology.

From their intake quiz I score highly in all categories but I have no clue what a 5/5 means. I have no recollection of whether it was easy or hard: I am assuming it is easy because nothing stuck.

My second ask from the community:
I have horrible college grades, but I started a fairly successful company, and now am contracted for a decent position. But I am really, really young. Most of the time I look great on paper, but I am just too young for people to be comfortable. What is the demographics of Triplebyte: I am 21.


I am 18 lol. I took the fasttrack quiz. It was pretty normal. A mix of basic technology question with some algorithm questions required fairly basic DS knowledge like stacks, queues and trees. To be honest, it almost fell like filtering out people who can’t code