Triplebyte is quite useless

I found it to be quite useless. How about you guys?


Doing FastTrack for the second time now. Not a single interview request the first time, and none yet either.

Similar to you Dean. I got couple of interviews but they started from telephonic, other one cancelled after sending interview request. I joined it to increase my reach than what i had on linkedin. Didn’t work out for me.

Hi Dean and Ravi! Sorry to hear that you didn’t get the FastTrack activity that you expected. If you email, we can talk about some individual options for each of you. In general, we saw some slowing over the holidays, which may have unfortunately impacted your experiences. Looking forward to connecting!

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Well, it is clear your mileage may vary. And 2020 with COVID I guess it is very different to what it was in 2019.

I looked (urgently) for a job mid-2019. One of my first actions once I gave my two weeks notice, was doing the pending interviews with Triple Byte, and assigned one month for my job search.

I got 5 interview requests from TripleByte. I decided to go onsite just for 3, the latest didn’t happen at the end, not being my preferred location.

TripleByte competitors got me only 1 interview request, and that company had some trouble and didn’t follow up.

I got 3 other onsites, from recruiters who contacted me from LinkedIn or referrals. So, 5 onsites overall, 3 offers. A very reasonable pipeline, out of more than 50 companies (15 coming from TripleByte)

Out of the 3 offers, one would have been great (they were bought the week after I declined, stock climbed), but was clearly behind the two finalists: One who got an efficient onsite after TripleByte got me to them, and one who was slow but ended up with a better offer.

I found my experience really good; no question I would use TripleByte again when I need a job.


I’ve been through FastTrack twice, as well, once about this time last year, once in April 2020. Neither one generated an interview request. I did have one interview that almost led to an offer, that came from a conversation on the Triplebyte Slack (the last I heard, after a three-month grind, was that I met all their requirements but they were shutting down hiring and they hoped I would still be interested when they opened up again; that VP Engineering has since left the company).

I’ll probably do another FastTrack if a prospect I have now doesn’t pan out, but I’m not going to get my hopes up.

Today’s job market is overcrowded. Competition is overwhelming. There is no other way to land a job other than by luck.

I used Triplebyte to get a job back in summer of 2017. I interviewed at 4 companies, and Triplebyte paid for travel and hotel costs, as well as eased the pre-screening process significantly to allow me to fast-forward to the actual on-site technical evaluations.

One of the companies did not treat me great, but Triplebyte handled this very well and the company had the person reach out and apologize and explain their situation (they were in Africa at the time and had to wake up at 3am to call me… very poor planning on their company’s part, but I would have been annoyed in that person’s shoes as well, hah).

The other three companies all treated me very well, and I enjoyed the technical on-site technical interviews. Only one gave me an offer, and I accepted it. I worked there for a solid 2 years, had a blast, met lots of great people, and was paid much more than I originally asked for. I decided to leave for personal development reasons, then Covid hit.

I’ve recently been searching for jobs outside of Triplebyte and having pretty much no luck. I had a single company give me a call, but decide not to move forward. I came back to Triplebyte, and within 3 days have so far had 5-6 company connections (about half of which reached out to me, the other half I favorited and messaged w/ a personalized cover letter) so far.

The experience has definitely changed due to Covid-19, there’s no doubt in my mind about that. Even still, I would definitely say that Triplebyte allows you to connect with companies much more reliably and quickly than any other job site I’ve used, but does have the downside of a more limited selection, and is a bit too focused on web companies IMO (there are other kinds of software engineers in the world, who knew!?) I would love to see Triplebyte expand their relationships to more companies, especially low-level engineering roles which is what I’m currently searching for. Game development / 3D graphics / GPU computing roles would be especially nice to see on Triplebyte, as well as consumer/enterprise hardware/software companies like Nvidia, AMD, Microsoft, Sony, Dolby, Bose, etc.

I have also said many times, and stand by it, that Triplebyte’s technical evaluation is best-in-class. No company I’ve interviewed at has had a more fair and logical evaluation process as the one I participated in back in 2017 (I’m not sure if it has changed since then). I really appreciate this fact, and do think that companies considering Triplebyte as a top-of-the-funnel solution should not undervalue it.