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Hi, Is there a way I can review my quiz answers?

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Hey @Viswajith_Karapoondi,

Unfortunately, at the moment it’s not something we are providing but we are thinking about making those more available for reviews.


@kwi Can you give some insight onto that decision?

I originally decided to take the quiz kinda on a whim simply to see what the questions were like especially with the UX flow setup to kind of take the first quiz in the on-boarding process.
Also, with the quiz mentioning upfront that it’s better to skip vs get wrong if I wasn’t 100% I simply put IDK to get through my first round quicker.

Now I’m a bit more engaged and interested in your service and I’m curious what I missed specifically and if my original guess (which I was 80% on) was correct, but I can’t review them.

I’m also concerned because only AFTER taking the quiz, filling out the interests, and the profile did I manage to learn (from a half buried FAQ) That potential employers will see my sped through results as well as your system aggregating that result into any new tests I take.

Maybe I totally missed it, but I wouldn’t have casually rushed through the first time, nor skipped answers I was slightly less confident on had I known it would have such impact.

Maybe this is too much for a forum post and I should just send a support email…

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for asking this question. I would be more than happy to take a look at your current quiz and give you some options. I want to give you the most detailed response we can so if you don’t mind can you send me an email at :

Thank you!