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Below is a running collection of technical interview preparation resources that we've collected at Triplebyte. Yes, it’s very long! But much of it is only relevant to some people. We recommend browsing through to read the sections that are relevant to you.

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Thank you for this, I am struggling to find resources to study for the quiz. I lack generalist CS knowledge as my background is in Mathematical Economics so these quiz questions are difficult.


Hi @Aram_Dovlatyan did you take a look at any of the resources that we share after the quiz? Also, can you be more specific about the areas of knowledge that you’d like resources for?

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I got 4 resources shared with me upon completion. I’m looking for a high level summary of the topics that the TripleByte quiz covers, while I did the internship and Data Science Quiz I noticed the diversity in content is high. Missing an academic background in CS, I’m not sure where to start or what track to go down in order to play “catch up”. All I took was one lower division C++ course and the rest has been self-taught with resources like Hackerrank and Freecodecamp.

Have you tried DataCamp? If you’re looking to break into data science I recommend you take a look at their courses and projects. You can also find some moocs if you’re looking to learn the fundamentals of CS. Here’s one from Stanford:

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Thank you Jason, I use to own a DataCamp subscription and cancelled it because I was not a fan of the product , especially for its price. I’ll check out the MOOC, thank you.

If you come across any other MOOCs that are interesting please send them my way!