VId :: A unique, random id generator...≈0 tracking required, O(1) memory,.. bla

A recent project is in the middle of development.

Little intro::

Small Insight::

Any type of critics, suggestions, advices, sympathy, interest, empathy etc. is welcome in this post.

This project solves a problem which is faced by almost every enterprise project, twitter had to pass hard time with snowflake.
Not even google is free from this.

I don’t wanna make it open-source like previous invention(URA) so as to earn little money this time and on the other hand, thinking about stinking software-business, greed, lust for money is making me to stop this project’s further development… a good effect of 4 years of ascetism.

Best part is:: time-calculation-theory (a problem that’s been faced by almost all scientists even nowdays.)

I even doubt about idea of this project as worth to put attention or not.

Good noon all! Hope you are healthy. After coming over my emotions, i slightly developed that project further. Amazing results are coming… randomness is too much now with ->0 tracking overhead.

See latest achieved results in final_alpha folder_output. Though i am stopping it’s further development now to focus on joining corporate (i think for the time being this is right to do) with condition of not exposing or using skills of this project.