Welcome to Triplebyte Community!

Welcome to Triplebyte Community! We’re glad to have you here. Here’s some quick info on what this space is, who’s here, and how it works:

What is Triplebyte Community?
Triplebyte Community is a space for engineers to come together and share their skills, ideas, and experience. We encourage a wide range of engineering conversations! This may look like…

  • Sharing career, company, interview, and negotiation advice
  • Offering resume feedback
  • Posting job or internship opportunities and giving referrals
  • Finding (or offering to be) a mentor
  • Collaborating on projects and new startup ideas
  • Asking tech questions
  • Discussing new developments, current events, and future possibilities in the tech world

…whatever interests and helps you and your fellow engineers!

Who’s here?
Triplebyte Community is as wide-ranging as the field of engineering. Our members are university students, self-taught coders, and bootcamp grads. We are entry-level developers, senior software engineers, interns, professors, and engineering managers. We build everything from websites to mobile apps to embedded systems. We span all ages and genders, and live in dozens of countries around the world. Our commonality is our interest in engineering.

Membership in Triplebyte Community is reserved for those who have successfully taken at least one Triplebyte engineering assessment. Our current company subscribers also have access to Triplebyte Community.

Who else can join?
We encourage you to invite your engineering friends and colleagues. Send them a personal invite here. When they complete any of our short quizzes and create a basic profile, they’ll gain immediate access to Triplebyte Community.

How does it work?
Triplebyte Community discussions are organized via categories. This helps conversations stay organized and makes information easy to find. A good place to start is a quick look at our Info & Feedback category - we have a short FAQ/Guidelines post there that outlines best practices. Then we suggest just diving in - browse around to find and contribute to categories and topics that interest you!