What are best practices for letting an offer sit?

Say I get an offer for a remote opportunity, and I feel like they want to fill the position quickly (as the job application specifically stated it doesn’t require relocation because they are looking to fill quickly).

However, another more enticing firm wants to talk to me in a few days. To me, it seems rather rude to let an offer sit, or even very risky, especially as I don’t have a huge amount of qualifications to show. I might not be too lucky in the future.

What is considered a normal grace period for accepting an offer? What steps can I take to politely prolong an offer so I can see what the other firm has to say?

So to be honest, there isn’t really any “normal” grace period. Each company you talk to/get an offer from is going to have their own idea about what is an appropriate amount of time to keep the offer available. The best thing that you can do is be open with a company about your overall interview process, and give them a timeframe. The worst thing you can do, is just perpetually ask for more time. The alternative, is to decide ahead of time just how long you’re going to need to talk to this other firm. Once you’ve got an idea of that, you can talk to whoever extended the offer to you, and let them know that while you’re really interested, you were hoping to finish out your other interviews before making a final decision. Then let them know what that decision date/timeframe is. They’ll be able to tell you if they can accommodate, or how long they’re willing to wait. An added level to this, is to ask to use the extra time to meet more of your prospective team members, get a more thorough walkthrough of the offer details (equity breakdown, benefits explanation, etc.) Those extra steps can help make clear to the company that you’re still very interested, even though you want to finish up other interviews.

One other thing though! Do the same with this more enticing firm. Let them know that you have other offers but you really want to interview fully with them before having to decide on the other offer(s). This can help speed up their regular interview process if they’re genuinely interested in you, and hopefully limit the amount of time you have to keep the other company waiting.