What languages can you use for the automated interview?

Hi guys,

I am about to take the automated interview. The automated interview consists of the following:

I was wondering for the Fill in the blank, Free response and Coding sections, what languages can use for these sections? Can I use Scala or Ocaml for these sections? For the given languages, what compiler can I use

Hey, @John_Wu! You can choose C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python (2 and 3), Ruby, Haskell, and Go.

With Scala being your strength, I’m curious (and others on the Community might be, too) to hear which language you’d pick.

Thank you @daniel.bean,

For the automated interview, would I be expected to know use any networking or async libraries. For example, would I need to use Python’s request library or Python’s Async primitive for the coding sections?

Also, can you provide the compiler versions for each of the available languages for the automated interview? Specifically, can you tell me the compiler version for Python (2 and 3)?

The coding sections are relatively straightforward and can be completed without specialized libraries. There isn’t any async coding. The problems on the interview are more about problem-solving and common operations like list or string operations.

The compilers are Python 3.7.3 and Python 2.7.16.

Hope that helps!

Hi Daniel,

Would it be possible to upgrade the Python compiler to 3.8? I use the assignment expression a lot to write concise code. It looks like the following:

inputs = list()
while (current := input("Write something: ")) != "quit":

Without it, it looks like the following:

inputs = list()
while True:
    current = input("Write something: ")
    if current == "quit":