What's more important: personal website or portfolio project?

When you decide its time to start the job hunt again, you typically update your resume, Linkedin, personal website, and GitHub. Both my personal website and GitHub could use an update and I was curious everyone’s opinion on which would make sense to start improving first.

This is how I see things. I could make my personal website look really cool & fancy, but the skills I would be highlighting to do this wouldn’t necessarily be the skills I would want to highlight in a job interview. If I decide to work on a side/ open-source project instead, then I’m nervous about getting tossed aside since my website doesn’t wow the highering manager.

What would you tackle first?


My thoughts are from a lowly recruitee’s perspective, so take this with a grain or two of salt: go for updating your website first. That gives something “tangible” for a hiring manager to look at, click around, and interact with. The people who make the hiring decisions might not know much about actual code, so they’re not likely to be interested in looking at code. Update your projects anyway, since that keeps your skills up, but the shiny things should come first (as much as it hurts to admit that).


@Nikolaus_Roman I’m leaning towards a personal website as recruiters / managers will likely not dive into a personal project.

@Dylan_Wright what do you think?

@Nikolaus_Roman - Do you personal website quick and dirty. Just something simple that is maybe a little unique and shows off a little about yourself. Here is my personal website - https://ds-wright.com/. It’s not even complete, but it’s good enough.

For the ‘portfolio project’, I’ve found recruiters don’t actually look at them at all. However, I have found them to be very important, because working on a project while job searching keeps your skills fresh. It keeps you coding everyday in a project environment, making commits, ect. And whatever framework you decide to use for that project should be what you plan on using in interviews so that you are practicing for interviews while working on your project.

Good luck!